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Frequently Asked Questions
We want to make sure that our services are clearly and simply explained. Sometimes, that doesn't always work out. For all those outside cases, we've got an FAQ page.

Q: Can I post or fulfill monetary needs?
A: This answer is complicated. We will say that in most situations, the answer right now is no. We are always striving to make 1511Project.com a place to take care of different needs. Please know that we absolutely want to be able to help meet monetary needs, by right now it is very difficult. Until such a time that we can find a system to more securely and easily meet monetary needs, we cannot and will not approve such needs.

Q: Can Organizations have multiple Organizations with one account?
A: No, you will need to create a new account for each organization or branch of organization. For example if you you have two different branches of organizations, such as Salvation Army: St Louis and Salvation Army: Little Rock, you should create separate accounts for both organizations. This helps the users pick which branch they want to follow.

Q: What is a "Verified Organization"?
A: The "Verified Organization" system is something that we at 15:11 Project use to make the services more secure. Verified Organizations are Organizations that the administrators of 15:11 Project have contacted and verified to make sure that the requested account is associated with a legitimate Organization. When Verified Organizations submit a need or accept to fulfill a need, it will show their org's name, as well as, all corresponding emails will let the users know that they are working with a "Verified Organization". This will help to give peace of mind to others while working with Organizations.

Q: How does my Organization become a "Verified Organization"?
A: The process to become a Verified Organization is simple. However, it involves a little more than that of registering for an individual account. Basically, we need to know that you are in fact associated with the Organization that you are attempting to Verify. We've created a form that lets you submit the Organization's address, phone number, email, website, etc. It helps if the email is an email associated with the organization's domain name, such as an email ending in "1511project.com" for our website. If an email like that is not available, than providing the information of a contact person for the organization is the next best thing. We'll contact that person and try to further verify the legitimacy of the application. If we believe that it is in fact a legitimate organization, then we will approve the request and the account can then start posting Organizational Needs. You can find the form by clicking here.

Q: What is a "Verified Missionary"?
A: Just like he "Verified Organization" system, we wanted to provide a way for our users to know that they are working with real, legitimate, approved individuals…not just people claiming to be missionaries. A Verified Missionary is an individual that our administrators have contacted and verified to make they're the real deal. We contact churches, mission boards, supporters, and sending agencies. When Verified Missionaries submit a need or accept to fulfill a need, it will show their name with a small "VM" stamp, as well as, all corresponding emails will let users know that they are working with a "Verified Missionary". This will help to give peace of mind to others while working users globally.

Q: How do I become a "Verified Missionary"?
A: You can submit your application to becoming a Verified Missionary by going to this form.

Q: What does it mean to Partner with 15:11 Project, and how does my organization go about doing it?
A: First, we want you to know that our main goal is to help meet people's needs. If you have a similar goal, and would like to work together to make it happen…we're in! This process is a little different from others involved in the site. We want to get to know the people that we partner with. We want to talk with you about vision and mission. We want to share you efforts with our audience while you are sharing ours with your audience. We partner with churches, organizations, schools, and businesses. If you think that your organization is a good fit, email Matt at Matt@1511Project.com. We're already excited about the opportunity to work together!

Q: What if the person, whose need I'm trying to meet, lives in a country different from my own?
A: At 15:11 Project, we want to connect those in need with those willing to help. In the event that the need you're trying to meet is in a different country, we suggest talking with the need poster about how you can best help them. Many times, our Verified Missionaries are already familiar with a means to receive aid and help from distant lands. Talk with them about what they think is the best possible solution.

Q: Where does the money go when I donate to 15:11 Project?
A: 95% of every dollar donated to 15:11 Project goes directly towards meeting someone's need. We only use 5% for our administrative costs, such as web hosting, domain names, and a few T-shirts here and there. (shameless plug…..T-Shirts are for sale if you'd like one…email us!)